Credit Yeshivat Noam


With regard to Laura Berkowitz’s letter (“Protecting Kids,” May 11) about Yeshivat Noam’s response to the arrest of a teacher, two things appear clear.

First, Berkowitz was unaware of how Yeshivat Noam acted. Second, if she had been aware, she would be commending the school.

Yeshivat Noam alerted the parents shortly after it learned of the arrest — which was before and not after the story broke — and communicated to them information based on what it learned from the authorities. It is continuing to work with the authorities and communicate with the parent body. Moreover, Yeshivat Noam did practically everything Berkowitz said it should have done, including “alert parents to the situation and counsel them on how to talk to their kids,” and “used this as an opportunity to educate parents, direct parents to resources for talking to their children, and made it clear that they are committed to protecting their schoolchildren.”

As a parent of a Yeshivat Noam student, I cannot think of an institution that cares more for the safety of its students and in which I have more confidence.

Teaneck, N.J.