On Attacking Iran


I would like to clarify some of the quotations attributed to me in “Reversing Course, Journalist Says Israel Attack Unlikely This Year,” (May 11) as they do not fully represent my opinion and have the potential to create a very wrong impression of the reality.

My view has not changed from that which was expressed in the article I wrote for the New York Times Magazine. What has changed is the situation and thus the likelihood of a strike has somewhat diminished.

Whereas I did say that the United States would not strike Iran before the elections, I did not say that Israel would not. Furthermore, I still think that there is a chance that Israel will, depending on the development of Iran’s nuclear program.

Even though I do believe that my story in the New York Times Magazine did have something to do with an increased debate about the prospects of a strike on Iran’s nuclear program, I did not say, nor do I believe, that the recent developments were created solely because of my story.

While I did say that due to recent developments (mainly the strong sanctions put on Iran) a strike is not as imminent, senior officials in Israel are saying that nothing changed even with the sanctions and that all options remain on the table.

Tel Aviv