Unfair To Haredim


As someone not particularly fond of the haredi community, I still found your treatment of these Jews extremely troubling. While Ari Goldman covered their Internet conclave professionally (“Will Asifa Net Results?” May 25), your mocking editorial (“Take Me Out Of The Ballgame,” May 25) was more than insulting and would have been at home in Der Stermer:

“Black-hatted men …Yiddish speech by bearded rabbis…enormous gap between haredi culture and that of mainstream American society … our problem was the prevailing haredi attitude toward dealing with serious issues within their own community … mindset appears to be more about protecting the accused rather than the abused  … whatever the reason for the anti-Internet rally, to condemn moral decay or to conceal it…”

In other words, the alleged abuse by these Jews defines and demonizes their entire community.

Would Islamist terrorism similarly define the entire Muslim world?