Absurd Claims


As rock-ribbed Ohio Republicans it is unlikely Ron Richards and his wife would ever vote for any Democratic nominee for president, let alone one who is also an African American (“Ohio Jews Poised For Big Impact In November,” June 1).

To describe President Barack Obama as the “worst thing that ever happened to this country as far as the presidency is concerned” is testament in my opinion to Richards’ lack of coherence. That they would prefer Mitt Romney, a man who thinks Roe v. Wade should be overruled; who believes this country should be governed by “Christian values”; who as a practicing Mormon (and I have no problems with Mormons per se) has never advocated that Mormons who posthumously baptize Jewish Holocaust victims, indeed even arrange to do so with live Jews, should be excommunicated rather than simply told not to do so, suggests ignorance of traditional Jewish values.

Equally absurd is their claim that a “lot” of friends in Israel are begging them not to vote for Obama. There is not a scintilla of evidence Obama is anti-Israel. It is a phony issue pursued by Republicans and not subscribed to by vast majority of Jews. Israel is the only true friend we have in the Middle East and there is no president — Democrat, Republican or independent — who will abandon it, ignoring the fact Israel is a military powerhouse on its own with nuclear capability.

Flushing, Queens