Brooklyn Energy


As the rabbi of the Flatbush Jewish Center, a synagogue in Kensington/Windsor Terrace that is putting intense energy into innovative outreach programs, I was disappointed that your article on the Jewish resurgence in that area of Brooklyn neglected to mention our synagogue whatsoever (“Brooklyn’s Newest Jews,” Aug. 3).

Although I am heartened by the success of these independent groups, it saddens me that people tend to assume that the only creative energy in Jewish life is found outside of synagogues, and that synagogues are the albatross of the Jewish world. 

We at Flatbush Jewish Center are running joyous programs including a Sukkot hootenanny, Shavuot 10 commandment ice cream party, and a dinner-under-the-stars program, which regularly draws an intergenerational crowd of 50 people to a Friday night sing-along service and dinner. And this fall we are opening a “Hebrew School Without Desks & Rows,” an engaging and joyous approach to Jewish education.

I invite you to find out what amazing, innovative programs are happening right under your nose, at your local synagogue.

Flatbush and Sha’are Torah Jewish Center