Commit To Coexistence


The Alan B. Slifka Foundation commends The Jewish Week’s editorial urging Israel to take its commitment to coexistence seriously (“Making Coexistence A Priority,” Aug. 24).

The greatest respect Israel can show Jamal Julani, the victim of the attack, and his humanity, is to take this moment to reflect on the circumstances that made this tragedy possible, and decide to make it an impossibility going forward. The only way to effect this change is by a commitment to coexistence and shared society policies and programs — by deepening the mutual respect and understanding of Israel’s diverse population, and by appreciating the beauty, richness and benefits of that diversity.

Coexistence efforts will continue to have marginal success until Israel’s government stands behind coexistence as an imperative (not a choice), displaying unwavering support and implementing laws that incorporate shared societies principles. But these facts ought to change how Israel applies itself, not tell it to give up.

Riva Ariella Ritvo- Slifka, President

Alan B. Slifka Foundation