No Stomach For Birthright


Who wouldn’t go on a free 10-day trip to Israel? The pitiful front-page picture of five young adults taking photos of Israeli food, on the “foodies” Birthright trip to Israel, makes it difficult to believe that Jewish identity will be strengthened for them, that they will marry Jewish, and be involved in the Jewish community over the long term (“Hungry For A Different Israel Experience,” Aug. 17).

One participant said he “loves exploring various cultures.” Another said “food is very important to me when I learn about different countries.” The trip included dinner at a non-kosher Druze village. Also a trip to a vineyard to taste wines. 

I thought bagels-and-lox Judaism contributed to the massive assimilation of our people. Isn’t it possible for all Birthright participants to visit a modern yeshiva and listen to a lecture of Jewish ethical teachings?

Teaneck, N.J.