Ross Misses The Mark


Dennis Ross (“Ross Urges Israel to be ‘Proactive’ with PA,” Aug. 24) while the Arab world is in turmoil could not be more timely and urgent. But his call “for leaders of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority to take tangible steps to convince the other side that they are serious about a two-state solution” misses the mark. 

Yes, his proposal that Israel offer “compensation to settlers who move inside the Green Line” is constructive, even bold, but Ross conspicuously sidesteps the one measure that would definitively signal Israel’s seriousness about a two-state solution: an indefinite suspension of new settlement activity, at a very minimum in the area beyond the security barrier that “everyone agrees” must become part of a Palestinian state. Anything less than that

is very unlikely to show enough good faith to persuade the Palestinians to heed Israel’s call to the negotiating table.

J Street Supporter