‘Throwing Dirt’ On Rabbi Schachter


So, The Jewish Week and Gary Rosenblatt are at it again, salivating at the possibilities of throwing dirt on an Orthodox Jew — let alone such a prominent one as Rabbi [Hershel] Schachter. (“YU’s Schachter Accused Of Obsolete Views On Church,” Aug. 31).

How much research did Rosenblatt do on the article? Did he check out the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations’ assertions about the “modern” church? I give more credence to Rabbi Schachter’s assertions because he knows the facts on the ground — what’s really happening in Israel. It’s one thing to say that the Church’s policies have changed, and then see how they are actually implemented. I doubt that anyone attacking Rabbi Schachter knows what daily life is like in Israel.

Furthermore, asking Anti-Defamation League National Director Abraham Foxman for a statement about this is like asking Noam Chomsky to support Birthright Israel — you knew what his answer would be.

Furthermore, your gratuitous rehashing of previous canards was totally unnecessary. If, however, you really believe that it’s important to mention them, at the very least you could have also mentioned that many knowledgeable people believe he was misinterpreted.

I have known Rabbi Schachter for over 50 years as a colleague and student, and I can attest that not only is he great Talmudic scholar he is also a tzadik [righteous person].