Christian-Jewish Tensions Over Israel


 I don’t know what alleged specific accusations of human rights violations the 15 leaders of the Christian churches are referring to in their calls for Congress to reconsider U.S. aid to Israel (“Jewish-Presbyterian Split Widens Over Israel Letter,” Oct. 19).

Are these leaders aware that there are three formal documents from the three main umbrella Palestinian groups of Fatah, the PLO and Hamas, and all call for the destruction of Israel?

Are the Christian ministers aware that there were more annual Israeli civilian deaths from Palestinian terrorism after the Oslo “peace” agreements than in the 50 years before the supposed peace agreements were signed? The wall the Israelis built to protect themselves from Palestinian suicide bombers isn’t the obstacle to peace. The obstacles to peace are the Palestinian suicide bombers themselves, and the Palestinian leadership that supports and glorifies the Palestinian suicide bombers by naming squares and parks after them.

Palm Beach, Fla.