Guns: Something Must Be Done


The horror of this month’s shooting in Newtown, Conn., affected us all (“Jewish Groups See Major Shift In Priority Of Gun Control,” Dec. 21).

We are struck with the frailty of our situation. As the raw emotion of the past few weeks subsides, we must turn to serious conversation and then to action. The current state of affairs is unacceptable. 

In just one week, almost 15,000 people have signed a petition calling for a comprehensive approach to gun violence. Something must be done.

We respect the right of individuals to own guns. We recognize the need to secure certain places of public gathering. We also need to examine the types of firearms and ammunition that are routinely available. We must ensure that no guns are purchased without background checks. We have to do more to help those with mental health needs. And there is something wrong when television, movies, and games glorify violence. Addressing one area alone will not prevent future tragedies — in fact, addressing all of them may not yield the perfect solution — but to save a single life, we must try.

Executive Director, Jewish Council for Public Affairs