Bold Action In Mideast


Gary Rosenblatt’s column (“Hawk Or Dove On The Middle East,  I Disagree With You,” Dec. 21) correctly states that things are complicated for Israel.

He makes an argument that I’ve made before: if the conflict were simple, it would already have been resolved. But a complicated situation is no reason to throw our hands up in despair.

As American Jews who love Israel, we need to work towards a two-state solution — the only viable way to ensure Israel’s future as a secure and democratic Jewish homeland. Strong U.S. leadership is needed to achieve a real two-state solution, so it incumbent upon us not to ignore the complications, but to also focus on showing President Barack Obama and Congress that the American Jewish community supports bold action in the Middle East. It’s time to end this conflict, and it’s our time to lead the charge.

Chair, J Street NYC