Regarding Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “What I’ve Learned Since Lanner” (Jan. 11), and his reference to “gray areas”: We have learned many things over the years about people such as his examples who engage in “inappropriate behavior.

” They are persistent, they rarely change this behavior and our not knowing whether they have actually stepped over the line into criminal behavior is no proof that they have not.

None of the people referenced could be legally hired to be a New York City public school teacher. Why do we think the Jewish community deserves less security?

Three of the cases described involve individuals operating as individuals within the greater or lesser community.

It is his third “case” about the “Schvitz Rabbi” that is to me the most troubling. Many people in his community are seemingly aware of the situation. In my opinion this is particularly problematic since this man’s position of authority over the members of the synagogue — and in many ways the community at large, i.e. yeshivas, day camps, youth groups — has been permitted to continue by the lack of action from the administrative body of the congregation. In my opinion this acts as a guarantor that he is an appropriate person of authority and the community is safe with him.

It is time for the Jewish community to stand behind its stated values and deal with troubled people in ways appropriate to safeguarding all its members.

Riverdale, The Bronx