Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath To Be Observed At 150 Shuls And Churches


As President Barack Obama seeks support for his sweeping gun control reforms, and states enact their own legislation — including the nation’s toughest in New York — a faith-based coalition is promoting a national Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath.

Some 100,000 worshippers in more than 150 congregations of all faiths will participate in the event organized by PICO National Network’s Lifelines to Healing Campaign, in partnership with Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a cause championed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Family members will display photos of loved ones lost to gun violence, and clergy will use their time at the pulpit to call for tougher laws.

“Religious Americans from all faiths are uniting this weekend to send a resounding message that now is the time for comprehensive action to reduce gun violence in our urban communities,” said Pastor Michael McBride, director of PICO National Network’s Lifelines to Healing Campaign that is organizing the Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath.

“No community is immune from gun violence. We have all felt the pain of losing someone close to us too soon. This weekend is meant to cherish the memory of our lost loved ones and learn what we can collectively do to keep guns off of our streets and our young people out of the graveyard.”