Musial Memories


I want to thank Rabbi Shmuel Goldin for his column, “Stan Musial and Me”(Opinion, Jan. 25).
Not only do I share the same first name but I also was born and lived until recently in St. Louis.

I can still remember the Sunday in 1954 when I listened on the radio and heard Stan Musial become the first person in history to hit five home runs in one day during a doubleheader.

Many people will associate my last name with a local St. Louis dairy company. As a child and later as a young adult I always enjoyed the fact that we delivered our dairy products to the famous Musial Restaurant in St. Louis. Only the local Jewish community could appreciate that Smetina (our sour cream) was being served on the potatoes in that establishment.
Thanks again, Rabbi Goldin for the memories of a mensch.

New Rochelle