Two Concerns


Please let me state my objections to two of your articles.

First of all, despite what the Jewish scout council stated, the issue of gay scoutmasters and lesbian den mothers is not as simple as anti-discrimination (“Badge Of LGBT Inclusion,” Feb. 22).

Many of the sponsors of the Boy Scouts are either churches or Orthodox synagogues that find a same-sex intimate relationship sinful. Should these churches or synagogues be forced out as scout sponsors? The only fair way to decide this issue is to allow the decision to be made by each sponsor locally and not by the national organization.

Secondly, in regard to the interview with Rabbi Robin Fryer Bodzin (“Jailed For Davening,” A N.Y. Minute,” Feb. 22), it struck me that the only opinion that she respects is her own.

Whether she likes or not the Kotel is an Orthodox synagogue; it is that way because of the facts on the ground (about 25 percent of the Jews of Israel are Orthodox and the numbers of Reform or Conservative are negligible.) For a woman to wear a tallit at the Kotel is a thumb in the eye of every Orthodox Jew and imposes an American style on Israelis.

I must state, though, that the arrest of these women was excessive and unnecessary and that non-Orthodox services ought to have closer access than Robinson Arch. But this does not justify the actions of the Women at the Wall.

Fairlawn, N.J.