Belle Harbor Will Come Back


Thank you for highlighting Belle Harbor, Queens, in your continued coverage of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy (“Families, Synagogues Still Reeling Seven Months After Hurricane Sandy,” May 24).

The community still needs help, but is poised to flourish.

Belle Harbor is one of the most unique Jewish communities in New York City, but is often overlooked.  It is truly a place of Klal Yisrael, where every Jew cares for one other.

I grew up in Belle Harbor and spend significant time there with my family now. While my parents and extended family are members of the Conservative synagogue, that did not stop our Orthodox neighbors from welcoming us into their homes and feeling comfortable in ours. It is where Sephardic and Ashkenazic shuls come together for the good of the community, and where

everyone is helping each other to rebuild
We are taught that at Sinai all Jews were united as one. Perhaps that is why Belle Harbor will come back and grow to greatness.

Belle Harbor, Queens