YU Dilemma


Thanks to Gary Rosenblatt for giving us such a well-balanced and intelligent analysis of the issues facing Yeshiva University for alleged past misdeeds (“The YU Impasse: Putting A Price On Sexual Abuse,” Editor’s Column, July 19). It would be easy, I guess, to take a strong position on either side — depending on one’s basic beliefs.

As a non-observant Jew, albeit one with strong moral convictions, I shudder every time I hear of a community going into denial when one of its leaders is accused of misdeeds — either sexual or financial. Such attitudes do not strengthen our moral fiber and do not enhance our reputation in “the outside world.” That is why I applaud your newspaper when you do not hesitate to expose those accused of terrible misdeeds and when an organization like the Claims Conference exposes its own former thugs — even if they take their sweet time in doing so.

I must also say that I find it repugnant the way some litigators go to extremes in setting such high standards of punishment that, as you say, they appear to be bringing an organization to its knees. That also is not a healthy and reasonable solution to serious problems.