Questions For Julius Berman


As the elected president of the National Association of Jewish Child Holocaust Survivors (NAHOS), I am responding to Claims Conference president Julius Berman’s opinion piece, “Sin Of Commission At The Jewish Week” (Aug. 16).

He asserts that Holocaust survivors were not harmed by the more than $57 million fraud at the Claims Conference and loss of funds. We have the following questions and observations:

Does Germany have an unlimited amount of money available?

If so, why are the German treasury and the labor ministry feuding over who ought to pay the ghetto pensions?

If the German government’s budget for restitutions incurs a loss, does that leave less money available for negotiations?

Have legitimate, destitute applicants experienced greater difficulties since the discovery of the fraud — including humiliating personal questioning — in order to obtain the help they urgently need; i.e. dentures, hearing aids, adult diapers, etc.?

Message to Mr. Berman and associates: There was a loss of more than $57 million on your watch, due to the lack of an adequate control system — as per your own ombudsman’s findings. 

Take the consequences like any honorable individual would.

National Association of Jewish Child Holocaust Survivors

Jamaica Hills, Queens