Questions For The Editor


Gary Rosenblatt says “Israel Should Act Now, Before It’s Too Late” (Editor’s column, July 26). He also says that [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas doesn’t want to go down in history as the leader who caved on the refugee issue, giving up the sacred Palestinian pledge to return to the land.

Some questions for Mr. Rosenblatt: To be sure that a peace treaty is reached, because as Mr. Rosenblatt says, better to make a deal now before it is too late, should Israel agree to all of Abbas’ demands including letting all refugees return? If so I would assume that most of the returning refugees would have little fondness for the Israelis. Would you expect harmony here?         

Looking ahead, suppose the refugees and their descendants someday outnumber the Jews (I won’t say Israelis because the refugees will be Israelis) and using the virtues of democracy, there is a vote to make Islam the only permitted religion for the country. Would not the Jews then be infidels?

Do you really think it would be in Israel’s interest for its leaders to make these “painful compromises” as you are suggesting? (And of course going back to the 1967 borders, as demanded by Abbas.)

I do believe in the peace process with both sides meeting as soon as possible, but there must be negotiation, not “painful compromises” on one side.

Glen Head, L.I.