Building Community


Rabbi Dr. Judith Hauptman rightfully called on Jewish institutions such as
the Jewish Theological Seminary to welcome Jews in their 20s and 30s to build Jewish community
within their walls (“Growing The Shrinking Conservative Movement,” Opinion, Oct. 18).

Even better, such efforts should be made within existing
synagogue structures, and this is already happening on the Upper West Side. 

Congregation Shaare Zedek, a Conservative synagogue on West 93rd Street, is home
to the Chai Minyan, a Friday night minyan and community, by and for young
professionals working in partnership with the synagogue. This minyan runs our
synagogue’s Friday services and organizes a monthly communal dinner without
the synagogue expecting anything in return. The Chai Minyan has made numerous
strides to build a community beyond the synagogue’s physical structure, 
including hosted Shabbat dinners at participants’ homes and other community
building efforts with an emphasis on engagement. We welcome anyone to drop by
and see the future of synagogue life.

Rabbi William Plevan

Danny Ripps

Aaron Siegel

Jessica Siskind