J Street And Disaffected Youth


The finding of the Pew Survey of “Less Attachment To Israel Among Younger
Non-Orthodox” (Oct. 25) can be attributed importantly to the
absence, at least until quite recently, of a forum where young Jews could
manifest support for Israel while criticizing Israeli government policies
many perceive to violate their values regarding human rights and social

The establishment of J Street has attracted many of these
disaffected youth back into the Zionist fold, as was strikingly demonstrated
by the presence at J Street’s recent national conference of over 900
enthusiastic students from 50-plus colleges around the U.S. (along with —
for the first time — Knesset members from six Israeli political parties
spanning the ideological spectrum).

They represent a key constituency among the 180,000 J Street supporters who
are actively backing the promising efforts of President Obama and Secretary
of State Kerry to broker a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian

Chair, Communications Committee
 J Street NYC