Pew Response: Torah Is The Answer


Are you finally ready to report the reality that the non-Orthodox denominations are the cause for the depressing findings the Pew survey?

Their modus operandi is to sever the bond between Jews and Hashem (God). They reject the Torah and mitzvot as having come directly from God and dismiss the eternal obligation Jews have to learn Torah and perform the mitzvot. What remains is an empty shell of secular liberal politics with smatterings of Jewish-style wallpaper. Hence, the attachment of its members to Judaism is weak.

The leadership then expends great effort and resources developing and implementing all sorts of new ideas. It is both comical and exasperating to note the degree of seriousness infused in these processes, which ultimately are a fruitless exercise.

The answer is to reconnect these Jews to God and His Torah, to reacquaint them to the mitzvot, which preserve and strengthen our Jewish identity. The evidence this works is so clear that I find criminal how it is always reported parenthetically (i.e. by the way, intermarriage isn’t a major problem for Orthodox Jews; by the way, Orthodox synagogues aren’t losing members; by the way, when Orthodox children become bar/bat mitzvah, they usually don’t quit their observance of Judaism).

Now, that we have reality straight, let’s start over.

East Windsor, N.J.