Teach Essence Of Judaism


In an Oct. 4 Letter to the Editor, David Mollen poses some interesting, albeit confusing, questions regarding Gary Rosenblatt’s Sept. 13 column, “Not Too Late To Push In-Marriage?”

First, what is Mollen’s definition of a “committed Jew?” He does not answer that.

Second, he questions, “Does anyone seriously believe that a serious-minded, committed Jew loses his or her commitment to Judaism because he or she intermarries?” That almost sounds like a joke.

A serious-minded committed Jew would not intermarry, unless the other party agrees to a serious Orthodox conversion and is willing to commit to that way of life. Mollen then goes on to say,

“We need to find ways to convince our youngsters to be serious Jews.” Watered-down Judaism has never been shown to be successful, and either Jews are becoming more religious or more secular. Therefore, teaching the essence of Judaism through learning, practice and most importantly interacting with other young Jews, has been very successful, and can continue to be successful.

If most young Jews were directed in the right way, they would find that they could be both [good Americans and good Jews]; they do not have to choose. Similarly they can be proud to be both.

East Brunswick, N.J.