Kosher JSoho Closes


JSoho, the restaurant formerly known as Jezebel, is now history itself.

The eatery, whose goal was to give upscale kosher dining a downtown vibe, has closed. The Prime Grill has taken over its phone number, but JSoho’s website is still up.

Kosher dining maven Elan Kornblum, publisher of "Great Kosher Restaurants Magazine" and other trade publications, broke the news.

JSoho’s owners originally called it Jezebel, but they changed the name in return for more widely accepted kosher supervision from the Orthodox Union.

JSoho owner Henry Stimler could not be reached for comment.

"JSoho got off to a rough start with the name and supervision change and the bad press that came with it," Kornblum said.

"It's hard enough to keep an upscale kosher restaurant going, or for that matter any kosher restaurant, so together with the location not being in a prime location for Jewish diners, it made it even tougher. While I do believe they pushed the envelope a little too far, especially in the beginning, I don't think that will scare any restaurant away from trying to be chic and upscale."