Delighted By Sigd Coverage


The Sigd celebration Jonathan Mark wrote about in the Nov. 1 issue (“Under African Skies”) was such a
delight and success. I attended along with about 200 other Jews who love and
support Jewish diversity. All who attended enjoyed the day, listening to the
kes (Ethiopian clergy) from Israel, and Rabbi Sharon Shalom, both Ethiopian rabbis who traveled
to the New York City Sigd from Israel and chanted under colorful, traditional
umbrellas. They were accompanied by Princeton professor Ephraim Isaac, also

And just like every Jewish event, there was food, but this time
kosher Ethiopian food. The music of the Ethiopian DEBO band and dancers was
fantastic, with a lot of shoulder dancing in the Ethiopian style. There was
even an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Perhaps some day it will be an
international Jewish holiday.

Kudos to Chassida Shmella for pulling off this
magnificent day. I will certainly look for this event next year, especially
since it will be the 30th anniversary of the historic Operation Moses.

Plainview, L.I.