A Vibrant Mt. Sinai Jewish Center


In your N.Y. Minute Q&A, “Vows To Serve The Young In Young
Israel” (Nov. 29), my synagogue, Mt. Sinai Jewish Center of Washington Heights, is
referred to. I am cited by Rabbi Perry Tirschwell as having said that “no one is providing services”
for the 500 singles who join us for Friday night davening. This statement is
factually incorrect. As anyone who has entered our shul can attest, we
provide a whole array of dynamic social and spiritual services aimed
primarily at singles and young marrieds.

Unlike most shuls referenced in the
article, our community is to a large extent led by singles and young
marrieds. We have approximately 250 singles on our most current membership
list, and 22 of the 24 members of our board of trustees are
under 40.

We offer a full array of exciting services. We regularly host
onegs, kiddushes, multiple shiurim catering to men and
women at all levels, movie nights, Friday night dinners, BBQs, ice cream
socials, community days of service and singles events. This just  scratches
surface of all that we do.

We applaud the direction that Young Israel and Rabbi Tirschwell are taking to
impact on our demographic. Our most fervent wish is that they succeed and
strengthen the next generation of Klal Yisrael’s leaders. However, much of
what they plan to attain is already taking place in Mt. Sinai Jewish Center
of Washington Heights. We can most certainly benefit from even more
services, but as we stand today, Mt. Sinai is a model for what young, vibrant, educated, intellectually curious and committed young Orthodox Jews
are looking for. 

Rabbi, Mt. Sinai Jewish Center