Charter School Experience


 I want to thank you for the generous story The Jewish Week published about my being hired as the president and CEO of the Hebrew Charter School Center (“Civil Rights Lawyer Tapped To Promote Hebrew Charter Schools,” Jan. 10). But I do have to clear up a misimpression the article may have left readers with about one part of my resume.

Contrary to what was reported, I actually have extensive experience working in the charter school field. Beyond leading the ROADs Charter High School for a brief period, which was noted in the article, I was deputy general counsel of Edison Schools [a private company that works with public and charter schools] for four years, where I supported dozens of charters in eight states across the country; a founding board member of Brooklyn Ascend Charter School (I currently serve as a board member of the charter management organization Ascend Learning); and a consultant on several projects for education organizations in the charter space, including the National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools.

I am sorry if there was an oversight on my part in providing this information, and I appreciate the opportunity to share it with your readers.

President & CEO, Hebrew Charter School Center