West Side Story


 If the distinguished “Co-Segan” (gabbai) of Congregation Shearith Israel has a beef with The Jewish Week for failing to characterize his shul as “in-vogue,” why take it out on Lincoln Square Synagogue? (Letter to the Editor, Jan. 10).

Perhaps Mr. Lustig has a special insight into what constitutes an “ungodly [sic] sum of money,” although if memory serves, not too many years ago his Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue was rumored to have poured close to $20 million into refurbishing its own structure.

All of the congregations mentioned in Steve Lipman’s fine article have the good fortune to be located in an area that is home to upwards of 70,000 Jews. Shame on any of them if they can’t find a way to attract and inspire even a tiny percentage of their neighbors with the richness of our shared heritage.


The writer is former president of Lincoln Square Synagogue.