Spirit of Israel Spring Mission


The Spirit of Israel Mission is a luxury experience with access to exclusive sights, inspirational leaders, and unique opportunities to witness and participate in Israel’s extraordinary history and future as it continues to grow in the 21st Century taking place April 1-9, 2014. Highlights of this mission include exploring Tel Aviv, Israel’s most dynamic city on the Mediterranean coast; witnessing the transformation of the Negev Desert into a cradle of innovation in alternative energy and cutting-edge agriculture; traveling through time exploring Jerusalem’s multi-layered history; experiencing Israel’s diverse shopping, sightseeing, restaurants, cafes and nightlife; and many more activities.

For more information contact Sara Hefez at 617.423.0999 x811 or shefez@jnf.org or Aaron Parker at 415.677.9600 x970 or aparker@jnf.org or register online at jnf.org/spirit-of-israel-spring

Pride of Israel Mission

For the first time ever, Jewish National Fund (JNF) is hosting a very unique mission to Israel for the LGBT community. Taking place from June 5-12, 2014, the Pride of Israel LGBT Mission will embrace the world-famous Tel Aviv Gay Pride Festival while showing participants the colorful side of Israel. Participants will delve into the rich history of the land of Israel, celebrate the spirit of Jerusalem, experience the magical Negev, and visit major historic and cultural sites throughout the country such as Caesaria, Old Jaffa and the Ayalon Institute Museum. Participants will enjoy luxury five-star hotels and spas throughout Israel and relish in Israel’s diverse shopping, sightseeing, wineries, restaurants, cafes and nightlife. This one-of-a-kind mission ends in vibrant cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, Israel’s most dynamic city on the Mediterranean coast, just in time to celebrate Gay Pride.

For more information please contact Lou Rosenberg at lrosenberg@jnf.org or 323.964.1400 x963 or register online at jnf.org/prideofisrael

Sunshine Mission

Whether it’s your first or your 101st time in Israel, Jewish National Fund (JNF) warmly welcomes you on the Sunshine Mission, June 8-17, 2014. Geared towards active seniors age 55 and over, this unique 10-day excursion through Israel will be an experience to remember. Follow the trail of the history of the state of Israel from the War of Independence through today’s modern Israel. Participants will see first-hand the range and scope of JNF’s work in Israel and receive insider briefings by top Israeli newsmakers, experts, and opinion leaders. They will see JNF’s Blueprint Negev campaign come alive and witness the transformation of the Negev desert through JNF projects such as Be’er Sheva River Park and the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center. From the Old City of Jerusalem to the modern metropolis of Tel Aviv, mission highlights will include visits to Yad Vashum; Ammunition Hill, site of the famous battle for the reunification of Jerusalem; Palmach Museum; Atlit Illegal Immigration Camp; the famous Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem; and the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv.

For more information contact Matt Bernstein at 212.879.9305 x292 or mbernstein@jnf.org or register online at jnf.org/sunshine-mission