Support For BJ Rabbis


I have been a member of B’nai Jeshurun since 1987, and I fiercely support
our rabbis’ right to speak the truth as they see it (“B’nai Jeshurun Defections Fuel Debate Over Rabbi’s Role,” Feb. 28). Abraham Joshua
Heschel’s teachings that bring together a profound commitment both to
Jewish spirituality and social justice are the inspiration that has
transformed B’nai Jeshurun into the vibrant, progressive congregation that
it is today.

Since Rabbi Marshall Meyer’s taking over the reins of a
moribund congregation in 1985, BJ has been a rabbinic-led synagogue in the
prophetic tradition. It is not simply a place to come and feel comfortable,
but one in which we as Jews are challenged to fulfill our obligations to
create a more just world.

Our rabbis have a moral imperative to challenge
our conscience, recognizing like our prophets of old that in the process many
likely will feel uncomfortable and even enraged. It is what BJ members have
signed on for, and for those now who feel alienated, I would suggest that
they may need to look elsewhere for a synagogue community that more
appropriately meets their needs.