Making Israel Come Alive


In response to Yossi Prager’s Opinion piece, “Israel
Education: One Size Does Not Fit All” (June 6), I believe that in order to give day
school students a comprehensive knowledge of Israel we have to present a
curriculum that leads students on a consistent journey throughout their
education. Abrams Hebrew Academy uses a curriculum developed by the Lookstein
Center, Bar Ilan University to help us do that.

Abrams students study with booklets prepared by the Lookstein Center that
encompass all aspects of Jewish education, including history, religion, 
holidays, and popular culture. Each year’s curriculum includes four booklets, 
so that by the time each student graduates 8th grade he/she has completed 32
booklets. Our students graduate not only with knowledge of important figures
like Herzl, Ben Gurion, and Golda Meir, but with a comprehensive
understanding of Israel’s past, present, and future.

Last year, Abrams formed a collaborative venture with Technion-Israel
Institute of Technology to develop and implement a science curriculum for
grades 7 through 8. Our collaboration with Technion helps to
showcase Israel to our students as a vibrant country, and one of the
highlights of our annual eighth grade graduation trip to Israel is a visit to
Technion. We also have a relationship with the Weizmann Institute and were
the first U.S. school to participate in their Math- and Science-by-Mail
programs. These collaborations with modern, cutting-edge institutions in
Israel show our students that Israel is a dynamic nation state, and not a country only
rooted in the past.

In order to teach students the greatness of Israel, that has to be our
mission for each child from the first day in school to the last day out.

Director, Abrams Hebrew Academy Yardley, Pa.