No Chance To Work


Re: “Israelis Debate Responses To PA’s Unity Government” (June 6). For many years a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians has been elusive because it required the approval of four parties: the secular and ultra-Orthodox on the Israeli side and the Palestinian Authority and Hamas on the Palestinian side. Since the two parties on each side did not agree with each other, suffice it to say there could be no agreement that would satisfy all the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The PA and Hamas have now reached an agreement for a unity government, reducing the four parties to three. Not only has there not been similar action between the ultra-Orthodox and the secular on the Israeli side, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the agreement without giving it a chance to work.

His intransigence suggests he has no interest in a peace treaty unless it be 100 per cent on his terms.

Flushing, Queens