Dov Charney Ousted for ‘Alleged Misconduct’


The racy clothing retailer American Apparel has finally ousted controvertial founder, Dov Charney after an ongoing investigation into "alleged misconduct."

Charney has been associated with several controvertial lawsuits, including a $10 million lawsuit from film director Woody Allen and sexual harassment lawsuits involving ex-employees. He was also famous for AA's provocative billboard ads, including the memorable ads featuring chasidim.

Jewish-born Charney has rarely been out of the headlines in his 17 years at the top. Stories of his exhibitionism include frequent patrols of the American Apparel headquarters in is underwear. He is also claimed to have said "there wouldn't be anything wrong" with wearing a "cock sock" to a business meeting.

“We take no joy in this, but the board felt it was the right thing to do,” Allan Mayer, one of the directors who will now become co-chairman, told the New York Times. “Dov Charney created American Apparel, but the Company has grown much larger than any one individual and we are confident that its greatest days are still ahead.”

Still, investors appeared relieved by the news. Shares in American Apparel rose 14 percent in premarket trading on Thursday, to 73 cents.