Hamas-Fatah Pact


Gary Rosenblatt (“False Equivalency,” July 10) correctly notes that
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “is now partners in a unity
government with Hamas, whose charter is to destroy the Jewish state and kill
Jews, and currently trying to do so through hundreds of daily rocket attacks
against the Israeli population.”

Some pundits tried to dismiss the PA-Hamas unity pact as nothing more than a
piece of paper. But during the course of the current war, Abbas
and his Fatah movement have made it clear that the pact is real and they
consider Hamas, not Israel, to be their partner.

On the very first day of the war, Fatah’s official Facebook page featured
this threat against Israelis: “Death will reach you from the south to the
north. Flee our country and you won’t die. The KN-103 rocket is on its way
toward you.” The Facebook page also features a dramatic full-color
illustration of three heavily armed Palestinians — one from Hamas, one from
Islamic Jihad and one from Fatah, standing together. The text reads:
”Brothers in Arms: One God, one homeland, one enemy, one goal!” Nor has Fatah
confined its pro-Hamas sentiments to mere words. On July 7, Fatah’s Facebook
announced that its military unit, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, “targeted the
enemy’s bases and settlements with 35 rockets.” (Translation courtesy of
Palestinian Media Watch.)

Abbas and Fatah have shown their true colors. When will the world pay

Members of the Board, Religious Zionists of America
New York