Inadequate Orientation


I read with interest Israel Correspondent Joshua Mitnick’s article on Unit 8200 IDF objectors who signed a letter withdrawing their services from the military (“Turning Their Backs On The Israeli Army,” Sept. 19). How to explain such behavior?

I would offer that while the 43 signatories of the letter are a small number, according to what I have read, of the total number of men and women serving in Unit 8200, they were nevertheless considered worth of being placed in this unit.  Their behavior must therefore be taken seriously, and a careful study must be made of how and why this situation came into being.

It would seem that there must have been an entirely inadequate orientation of those taken into Unit 8200.  I would guess that these fellows find themselves often working alone in carrying out their missions.

Introspection and indeed doubts over one’s mission are not unreasonable.  The IDF must do a better job of addressing them.

Bellmore, L.I.