Environmental Concerns Rooted In Torah


Gary Rosenblatt expresses frustration about the absence of Jewish education in showing how a
commitment to protecting the environment is rooted in Jewish tradition (“An Inconvenient Truth,” Editor’s column, Sept. 26).

In 2007, the Rabbinical Council of America cited the Torah’s call for humanity to “work and guard” the earth, and the
Midrash’s call to “pay attention not to ruin and destroy My world, for if you
do, there won’t be anyone to fix it after you.” The RCA called upon schools to “develop curricula on Torah and the
environment” and to partner with the organization, Canfei Nesharim: Sustainable Living Inspired by Torah, to do so. 
Two years later, The Jewish Week singled out
Evonne Marzouk, the founder of Canfei Nesharim, as one as one of its “36 Under 36” Jewish leaders and described her vision.

Today, Canfei Nesharim remains the premier resource for educators and
others who seek to root their concern for the environment in Torah sources. We join with the Rabbinical Council of America and The Jewish Week in
encouraging all to avail themselves of our wide-ranging and scientifically
accurate Torah resources.

Rabbi Yosef Blau

Rabbi Barry Kornblau

Ora Sheinson

Shlomo Shinnar

Daniel Weber

The writers are lay, scientific, and rabbinic leaders of Canfei Nesharim.