Crumbs Kosher Cupcakes Returns — This Time, With Challah


The stars have aligned one again for cupcake lovers around New York City.

The kosher cupcake chain that closed its doors in July due to financial difficulties will reopen its New York City stores today. According to the Daily News, the New York stores will be adding a new product to the menu: challah on Fridays.

Other new products, including the Baissant, a bagel-croissant mashup, will be offered, as well as a line of Crumbs ice cream (coming this November) and a new cookie line and chocolate bar. Two new cupcake flavors, Sweet Pete’s Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcake and Key West Key Lime Pie Cupcake, will also launch with the store’s reopening.

A quick visit to the 38th Street and Broadway location confirmed that the kosher certification for the cupcakes is still in place. The store was abuzz with hungry customers, the line winding out the door and onto the busy sidewalk. Camera teams spotted the crowd.

"We proudly serve kosher," said the Crumbs worker behind the counter, who noted that the kosher sign will soon be returned to the store window. Though this was the first location in NYC to unshutter its windows, other locations will follow in the coming days.

"The line has been out the door since 9 a.m.!" said the Crumbs worker.

Several Jewish customers stood online, waiting for what one described as the "best kosher treat in New York."

"I'm glad Crumbs is back," said Josh Robino, a kippah-wearing cupcake enthusiast who works in midtown. "I used to look forward to bringing the cupcakes home to my kids. They have no idea I'll be bringing them home again tonight."

“Saving this iconic bake shop was important to me not only because of its existing delicious products, but because there is a tremendous opportunity to expand product offerings so that every sweet lover can find something they’ll enjoy,” Marcus Lemonis, new owner and host of CNBC’s show “The Profit” said in a statement. Lemonis partnered with Fischer Enterprises, owner of Dippin’ Dots and Doc Popcorn, to buy the cupcake chain for $6.5 million.

Twenty-five additional Crumbs’s locations are set to open in the next month, following the grand reopening on Tuesday. The shops will be located in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Newark, Del. Store re-openings will be announced in the coming weeks online and via social media.