And The Winner Goes To… Ruth Baby Ginsberg


The long-awaited results are finally in. The winner for best Jewish Halloween costume goes to…

Baby Ruth Ginsberg: Who ever thought that the Supreme-Court Justice could ever look so cute? What you might not know just by glancing at the picture is that the miniature Bader Ginsberg wannabe is actually a little boy.

The following are the runner-ups in this year’s costume contest:

Jewverine: featured the makings of producer and writer Matt Selman’s brainchild for this holiday. He proclaimed himself as too nerdy and too Jewish-looking to actually be Wolverine, so he came up with a new middle ground between the drastically different looks. The result: An epic Jewish-spin on a classic superhero.

Selman notes that the “dudes” loved his costume. While the chicks didn’t exactly get what he was going for:
“Hey, it’s Super Jew!”
“No – it’s Jewverine!”
“Jewish Wolverine!!!”
“Forget it. Happy Halloween.”

Jew Man Group: A group of college students answered an age-old question: Is it possible to grow facial hair through the matted blue face paint? Yes it is. And as for the one guy in the group without the facial hair? We hope it’ll grow in after his Bar Mitzvah.

Rabbi Baby Bunting Costume: While the Houston Chronicle may have reported this costume as a chart-topper of its’ worst Halloween costumes this season, we think its actually kind-of cute. Payes and black hat are included.

America Jewish Mother Rivkah and Rachel Costumes: At a Walmart near you, you can buy a costume for your little girl to look just like the famous Matriarchs. One major bonus: If you missed out on this steel for Halloween, it is still on sale online for Purim.