Why Young U.S. Jews Care Less


Regarding “New U.S. Group Warns Israel On ‘Who Is A Jew’” (Editor’s column, Dec. 5), I would differ with the suggestion
that the decline in support for Israel among
Generation Xers is due to the failure
of the Israeli government to recognize
non-Orthodox conversions. 

This is an issue which
is important only to those who have an
institutional interest in the growth of
the Conservative and Reform Judaism. These issues are irrelevant to most
Israeli Jews; the secular Jews
want civil marriage, not one officiated by a non-Orthodox rabbi. If you want
equality in Israel, Conservative and
Reform Jews should make aliyah on

The real reasons for the decline of
support for Israel among Generation X
Jews here is more complicated.
Many are conflict-weary; they see a conflict with
no end in sight. As a result, many ask why
should they be involved. And they have no
direct memory of the Holocaust or virulent
anti-Semitism in America. 

Also, most Israel advocacy
groups take positions far to the right of the majority of American Jews. Hearing them is a turnoff to those
who do not share their positions. If you want non-Orthodox
Jewish Generation Xers to be involved,
there should be a leadership
that reflects their views.

Fairlawn, N.J.