Mazal Tov Brady

Jermaine Kearse's spectacular catch couldn't bring a Super Bowl victory to the Seattle Seahawks.
The Super Bowl last Sunday was one for the ages
Everything was being questioned
Even by rabbinic sages.
With Richard Sherman yapping,
And Rob Gronkowski gronking
Everyone knew
This game would be like a few.
While Pete Carrol was his energetic self,
Bill Belichick resembled a bookshelf.
Old and quiet for sure,
But fascinating and complex. Everyone concurs.
Both teams traded blows and interceptions
But only one team would hold a gala reception.
By halftime the score was tied
14 a piece
unlike last year, everyone vied.
Seattle jumped out in third and everyone assumed a repeat
But Tom Brady and the Patriots showed
Only they could perform that feat.
Tom stepped up to lead the Pats 
He even resembled Moses 
The football, looking like a staff. 
His four-yard pass to Danny Amendola
Showed everyone that despite being 5 feet 11 inches 
He was in fact, mega.
Down three with seven minutes to go
Their defense had the Seahawks going, “Oh no!”
With the ball back in Brady’s hands
Everyone saw his plan.
Skillfully maneuvering his way down the field
Commanding the game
As if he had David's shield.
A three-yard slant that beat the back-up cornerback
Almost guaranteed a forth ring to the quarterback.
Seahawks down by four with less than two minutes left
Russell Wilson had to give it all his best
With no name receivers to his side,
He scampered around
Pushing all excuses aside.
Heaving a dream in the air is all he could say
But Jermaine Kearse! Bobbling and juggling the catch, it was circus olé!
The ball deflected off his body and into the air
But Kearse’s eyes followed the ball
Maintaining a death stare.
As he fell to the floor he stretched out his hands
And what do you know? Now he’s the man.
No time for celebration, though
Still have to beat the foes.
The tiny Wilson fought like David 
Going up against the giant
Whose career was fading. 
But with the ball at the two yard line and the Super Bowl in sight
Just six feet away
From winning the fight.
But there was the infamous call
As they elected to pass
Time stopped, for all.
Out of nowhere popped Malcolm Butler
Intercepting the pass
Quick, no time to stutter!
The Seahawks were so close to a second title
But the Patriots had won
And Russell Wilson remained idle.
The Patriots hoisted Brady up in the air 
As if at a bar mitzvah 
Minus the uplifted chair.