Overlooked In L.A.


I am a freelance Iranian-Jewish journalist based in Southern California and
have been covering L.A.’s Iranian Jewish community since 2000.

After reading Gary Rosenblatt’s Feb. 6 column, “A New Generation Of Seekers
In Jewish L.A,” I was quite disappointed that he only made a very minor
mention of Iranian Jewry in this city. In reality the Iranian Jewish
community in Southern California is 40,000-plus strong and growing, very
involved in local synagogues, very involved in supporting Israel and
philanthropy for Israel, very active in political and civic involvement and
one of the most financially successful immigrant Jewish groups in L.A.

essence, the Iranian Jewish contribution to Jewish life is nothing short of
substantial. I am frankly baffled and shocked that Mr. Rosenblatt could
overlook such a remarkable aspect of the Jewish community in L.A. How could
he just lump us together with the Russians and Israelis? My hope is that in
the future he will dig a little deeper and get to know the Iranian Jewish
community here in this city for future articles.

Los Angeles