Don’t Trust Iran


In his Opinion piece, “The Speech That Bibi Should Deliver to Congress” (Feb. 27), Martin Raffel
claims to know better then the prime minister what he should say to Congress.
As a child of Holocaust survivors whose grandparents from
Czechoslovakia perished due to the agreement Great Britain’s Neville Chamberlain made with Hitler, I find the Raffel comments insulting and I take this personally. 

This situation of the prime minister addressing Congress has nothing to do
with politics but with the survival of the entire world and Israel. If Iran
is not forced to roll back its nuclear capabilities it will not hesitate at
some point to use them.

Let’s not be naive. Iran’s nuclear
development is purely militaristic. Leaders of that nation have openly
expressed their desire to wipe Israel of the map. This is reminiscent of the type of deal
that deprived me of grandparents, as well as so many other children of Holocaust survivors.

We must support the prime minister.