Ashamed Over Metzitzah


I read that the de Blasio administration and a coalition of rabbinical
leaders have seemingly met in the middle over the controversial circumcision
ritual of metzitzah b’peh (“Charedi Leader Opens Door On Metzitzah,” March 6).

Personally, I am outraged at the hypocrisy of grown men who deny homosexuals
their human rights to be who they are — made in God’s image — yet find it OK to suck on a baby’s penis in the name of

If the man were not calling himself mohel/rabbi, such an act would be considered criminal sexual abuse of a child.

As to the rule of fining a man with herpes who performs metzitzah, I don’t understand why he should not be prosecuted for reckless
endangerment of a minor and put in jail.

I have always been proud of my Jewish heritage and ancestry, but I am
absolutely ashamed to be part of a religion that permits this procedure, with
its attendant risks of herpes and other communicable diseases, to be
perpetrated on innocent babies.

What are the parents thinking? Really.