Nasty Rhetoric On The Left


Gary Rosenblatt (“Fear and Loathing In The Jewish World,” column, March 6) argued that a “toxic atmosphere” has been created in the American Jewish community by a recent New York Times ad sharply criticizing an Obama administration official, and some individuals strongly disagreeing with the policies of several left-leaning Jewish organizations.

A more even-handed summary might have mentioned that there has been some extremist rhetoric coming from the Jewish left as well, such as the recent New York Times ad — sponsored by Michael Lerner and Tikkun magazine — accusing Israel’s leaders of “dragging the American people into another war.”

Such overcharged rhetoric may not be pleasant but that does not make it “toxic,” a word implying that something must be done to stamp it out. Dissenters should not be afraid to speak their minds. Vigorous verbal give-and-take is the fabric of democracy.

President Religious Zionists of America, Philadelphia