Dealing With Iran


 A Letter in the March 13 edition stated that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu presented no real, feasible alternative in his congressional address. Quite to the contrary.

The prime minister suggested at least two alternatives. One was to postpone the release of sanctions until Iran changed its regional behavior and ceased threatening to destroy Israel. Another was to negotiate a better outcome than American resignation to a nuclear armed Iran, as is now being negotiated, even if the talks are first interrupted before Iran finds its way back to the table in order to obtain further necessary sanctions relief.

While the March 13 letter writer believes that seeking a better deal is a quest for “pie-in-the-sky,” she totally ignores the fact that the deal toward which we are rushing, as of March 22, would allow Iran 6,000 centrifuges, would not dismantle the Arak plutonium reactor, would not require disclosure of past weaponization activity, would grant relief from UN sanctions and would essentially give Iran free rein after 10 years, subject only to an illusory one-year period during which the United States or Israel could somehow try to stop a “breakout.” Unfortunately and dangerously, it is reliance on such a deal in the hope that Iran, therefore, will not obtain nuclear weapons that is the quest for the proverbial “pie-in-the-sky.”

Fairfield, Conn.