Inflammatory Statements


As the mother of three Israeli soldier sons currently serving their mandatory
service in the IDF, I was greatly disturbed by Gary Rosenblatt’s March 6
column, “Fear And Loathing In The Jewish World.”

Loathing from fellows Jews (like Gary Rosenblatt) emboldens our enemies in
their delegitimization campaign against Israel. “United we stand and
divided we fall,” should be our motto. Instead, Mr. Rosenblatt writes
inflammatory statements such as “The political atmosphere here … in
regard to Israel is more than tainted — it’s toxic.” I’ve grown used
to such statements from our numerous enemies, but from fellow Jews?

Maybe Rosenblatt should heed his own advice that “it’s a sad
statement on the anger, intolerance, distrust and pettiness that seeks to
divide rather than unite, proof that at times we … can be our own worst

Raanana, Israel