A Critique Of Iran, In Rhyme (“Delaying The Inevitable,” Editorial, April 3).


Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif
has taken to
Twitter to voice his belief,
there isn’t a phased plan for sanctions relief.

He tweeted that none of the plants will shut down,
Fordow will stay open and remain underground,
Enrichment proceeds unrestrained and unbound,
And whatever’s enriched can be sold out of town.

The fact sheet presented by the U.S. and its
partners in the negotiations is nothing but spin,
Zarif then lamented.
None of the bargains, it seems, are cemented, 

Yet all those involved are being commended.

But Iran has made only one promise to date:
That their hatred toward Israel will never abate, 

And given the chance, they would seek to wipe out
the Jews and their state.

No one is calling for war on the ground,
Only a bargain whose tenets are sound, 

With provisions and benchmarks Iran cannot

In the event violations abound.

In the framework we’ve seen, our upside is slight, 

The wars they began, they’ll continue to fight.

It’s a bevy of carrots with no sticks in sight.

Once sanctions are lifted Iran will make millions,
Then funnel those funds to their war-making
And despite all the back pats and rosy opinions,

The cost of this deal will be paid by civilians.

And when there’s an arms race,
what happens then?
The Saudis will nuke up, so let’s not pretend.
The Jews under threat and forsaken by friends,

From ‘Never forget,’ to ‘Oh no, not again.’

When Iran breaks their word and the truth is

When it turns out that all that we’ve read
wasn’t real,
All the words written in defense of this deal,

Should be chewed up and eaten with crow
as a meal.