Drake Opens Luxury Toronto Club In Honor Of Late Grandparents


Drake’s been giving us naches ever since he released his first hit album six years ago, but he just one-upped himself with his latest venture. Last week he announced the opening of a new, exclusive club at the Air Canada Center in his Toronto hometown. The ritzy club is named "Sher Club," for none other than his beloved Bubbe and Zaidy—his maternal grandparents—Rueben & Evelyn Sher.

Our favorite—and dare we say, best— Jewish rapper announced news of the club opening on Instagram.

The caption reads, “Rest in peace to my grandparents Rueben and Evelyn Sher. My grandmother was the first person to ever play catch with me and my grandfather was the biggest sports fan in the world. I opened this club in the memory of both of you.”

The members-only, 4,000-square-foot club was designed by luxury home builder, Ferris Rafauli, and is tucked away on the third floor of the stadium. It reportedly boasts luxury red-velvet booths and opulent gold detail.

For Drake fans this sentimental move comes as no surprise. His lyrics are often thoughtful introspective and sometimes — gasp! — reveal a deep moral conscience. And like any good Jewish boy, he’s also very family-oriented, and shares a close relationship with his mother (“My tiny hero”), and his late grandmother, Evelyn Sher. Sher even featured on his 2011 track, "Look What You’ve Done," where she reminisces on time with her grandson.

Drake, who do we need to talk to about getting on the list?

Inset: The Sher Club. Via ferrisrafauli.com.