In Praise Of The Claims Conference


We are survivor leaders from across the U.S. who participated in the recent
 Claims Conference meetings (“Claims Conference Facing New Pressures,” July 17). There is a huge disconnect between the work of 
the Claims Conference and what is reported in the press. In each of our
 communities, New York, South Florida, and Boston, we see the difference that
 the Claims Conference is making.

Much was so cruelly taken from us in our youth. Now, in 2015, all survivors
 are elderly, and many are frail. The Claims Conference fights for us and our 
well-being, negotiating relentlessly with the German government on our
 behalf. We are not beggars. We earned all that we get and more — in 
Auschwitz, in ghettos, in hiding. The Claims Conference has negotiated over
 $70 billion for survivors, but most importantly over $4 billion just in the 
last five years. It is the voice for survivors who live in poverty, who have no
 winter fuel in Eastern Europe, who are facing destitution in Greece, who have 
used up their savings in the United States, and who need more home care than their 
home governments can give.

The history of the Shoah is not complete as long as there is one survivor 
still living. We proudly stand in support of the Claims Conference as it 
works tirelessly for every single elderly victim of Nazi persecution.

Jehuda Evron, president, Holocaust Restitution Committee

Israel Arbeiter, past president, American Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and their
 Descendants of Greater Boston

Joe Sachs, 
Miami Dade Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants